Report A Crime

To Report a Crime with our
Anonymous Online Form,

Or Call Crime Stoppers Anonymous Tips line at:
1-800-458-TIPS (8477)

1. Do not give your name.
2. Give the “CALL TAKER” as much detailed information as possible.
3. You will be given a unique code number.
4. Since you are the only person that has that code number you will be asked to call back anytime with additional information or at certain intervals to find out how the investigation is proceeding.

Do not lose your code number – it is the only link between you and the investigation. This process protects your anonymity.

Crime Stoppers does not use Caller I.D., *69, or any other device to identify a caller. Since our inception in 1981 the identity of the nearly 50,000 callers has remained anonymous.

Anonymous tips have led to solving cases in the following categories: Abduction/Kidnapping; Animal Abuse; Arson; Firearms; Fugitives; Gang Activity; Hate Crimes; Hit & Run; Homicides; Prostitution; Robbery; Rape; Smash & Grabs; Tax Evasion; Vandalism; and Weapons. This is a sample of the many categories in which cases have been solved.

Crime Stoppers assists all law enforcement agencies in Palm Beach County so, one number is all you need. Remember:

 You remain anonymous
No court appearance
Up to $3,000 REWARD
Call: 1-800-458-TIPS (8477)


You can help. Anonymously.
Call: 800-458-TIPS (8477)

report a crime

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